Emergency General Surgery,  Other,  Surgical Critical Care,  Trauma Surgery


Emergency General Surgery

Acute AppendicitisDiagnosis & Score; Management

Acute DiverticulitisUncomplicated; Complicated

Acute CholecystitisDiagnosis & Classification; Management

Acute Cholangitis Overview

Acute PancreatitisDiagnosis & Classification; Management of Uncomplicated Pancreatitis

Peptic Ulcer – Bleeding (Initial Management, Treatment); Perforated

Acute Mesenteric IschemiaOverview

Large Bowel ObstructionColorectal Cancer

Trauma Surgery

ATLSPreparedness; Primary Survey Overview; Airway & Breathing; Circulation; Disability, Exposure, Adjuncts & Transfer; Secondary Survey; Trauma Team Management

Damage Control SurgeryOverview; Trauma Laparotomy

Open AbdomenOverview; Temporary Closure Techniques; Complications & Definitive Closure

Traumatic Cardiac ArrestOverview

Pelvic TraumaOverview; Preperitoneal Pelvic Packing & Angioembolization

Splenic TraumaOperative & Non-Operative Management; Angioembolization & Follow-up

Surgical Critical Care

Damage Control ResuscitationThe Vicious Cycle & The Basic Principles; Fluids, Blood & Coagulopathy; Acidosis, Hypothermia & Calcium

Trauma-Induced CoagulopathyPathophysiology

Shock Overview

Sepsis & Septic ShockOverview; Diagnosis & Management

Inotropes & VasopressorsOverview

Rapid Sequence IntubationOverview

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