Another Year Has Passed

Hi guys,
First, we would like to thank you all for the tremendous support you are giving us. And in doing that, we announce that we have just renewed SurgicalPizza for one more year!!!
We know we are not as active as in the past years… We are trying our best to be, though… Unfortunately, in the last few months, our jobs are not so kind to us, and our spare time to invest in the SurgicalPizza Project has been (and still is) limited. However, we are always thinking about new ways to improve the project and interesting things to publish. Some of those are on their way… New collaborations and new friends… A lot of work behind the curtains!!!
Now, we have taken a look at our stats during the last year, and they are surprising… Most of you are from the US, followed by Italy, UK, and Spain!!! We have to admit we didn’t expect that… We hoped for it but didn’t think spreading so much overseas would have been possible. And for this, we are most grateful to you all!!!
Let’s continue all together to work to change things… We believe we are close to a turning point to create something great… We only ask you all to continue supporting us (no money is required).
Love you all,

Enrico & Gabriele (your friendly neighborhood pizza men)

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  • Elisa

    You’re doing great guys! Surgical pizza is the most amazing way to “review the lesson” I’ve ever experienced! Funny and convenient..
    Thank you for your effort!!

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