About Surgical Pizza

Hey pizza lovers… Welcome to Surgical Pizza!!!

This is an Acute Care Surgery blog made with love by Italian surgeons.

Why Surgical Pizza, you ask?…

Well, first of all, we’re Italians, and, as all Italians do, we love pizza. Second, we believe that cooking is not so different from practicing surgery: you need a clean room, a cap, an apron, a nicely sharp knife, and to follow the recipe.

Everyone can cook a pizza. It’s just water, flour, yeast, tomato sauce, and mozzarella… That’s it… However, only few are capable of preparing the real Italian pizza. The difference lies in the details.

The same can be said about surgery.

Basically, it’s not difficult to perform a surgical procedure. You need to make it perfect though: giving the correct indications, following the exact steps intraoperatively, and managing the patient properly during the postoperative period. This is the only way to limit the risk of complications and mortality.

This website has been designed as a way to support surgeons, residents, nurses, students, and whoever is interested in updating his/her knowledge in the field of Acute Care Surgery. Also, we really hope it will help this mistreated and neglected branch of surgery to find new supporters. Maybe convincing some medical students or young residents to follow this new, narrow, steep, bumpy, but yet exciting path.

We’ve decided to write in English to enlarge the number of people who can benefit from what we’re going to publish. We’re sorry if our English isn’t and won’t be perfect, but so it is. We’re doctors, not writers.
So, if you are a native English-speaking guy… Well, good for you…

So then… Are you ready to taste some delicious surgical pizza slices?

Let’s go… and remember to enjoy.

The Surgical Pizza Team

Post Scriptum: If any of you loves pineapple pizza (or the new gruesome kiwi pizza), please tell us… so that we can find you and personally tear each one of your taste buds off… Cheers